Site Design and Framework Updated (Again)

Goodbye, Clojure

Yes, it’s that time again. I was unhappy with the markdown processor in the clojure site generator I was using, and unfortunately, although the whole point of using that library was to have an excuse to hack on some clojure code, I’ve sorta lost interest in clojure since then.

Besides, my ratio of actual content to these silly “site update” posts no one cares about was getting too high! 😅

Hello Jekyll

So I decided to switch to jekyll, because it seems to be the most supported static site generator (since it’s backed by github) and I just want something no-nonsense that works, for right now. Who knows, the next “site update” post might be switching back to some crazy experimental thing. Only time will tell.

New Design

And of course, since I’m updating the site, why not change the design? I decided to use the font and colors from my custom emacs color theme. I know it’s kinda ugly, but you know what? I like it. And it’s my website so I can make it ugly if I want to. :)