• Problem solver, fast learner, fetish for accuracy and correctness, technology agnostic


  • Ruby
  • Javascript
  • MySQL
  • HBase
  • Lucene/Solr
  • Redis
  • Linux/unix/bash
  • Emacs/elisp


Software Developer, OpenLogic Software – 2010-Present

I started as an intern contracted to do a custom Wordpress theme for a marketing site. While working on that, I taught myself Ruby and Rails since that’s what they were using. I impressed the team enough to get hired full time as a Rails developer. Then I worked my way up to the Tech Lead position, leading the small team of developers through the day-to-day design decisions and architectural directions.

I worked on multiple Rails apps from gigantic (legacy) to small (rails new) and single purpose, from rails v2.3 through rails 4.0

  • Ruby on Rails application development
  • Front-end html/css/javascript development (and some visual and UX design work)
  • Cloud technology development using AWS/EC2, Rackspace, Chef, Fog, etc.
  • NoSQL integration with multiple MySQL rails apps (Hadoop & HBase, Solr, Redis)

Front end designer/developer (Intern), TrigPoint Solutions – 10/2009-2/2010

  • Designed user interfaces with photoshop
  • Implemented user interfaces using HTML/CSS/Javascript (jQuery)
  • Wrote custom reusable jQuery plugins for interface elements

Lead Artist, Coccinella Development – 2004-2009

Coccinella was an independent game development company of 3 people. I was the artist.

I did 3D artwork, user interface design, and UI coding in the Torque Game Engine’s proprietary scripting language called TorqueScript (a c-like language, with functions and curly braces, etc.).


  • Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia – B.F.A. Computer Arts, 2003