UPS saves the day

No, not that UPS.

A while back I bought a way-more-wattage-than-I-need uninterruptible power supply. It’s a big box (almost the size of my desktop computer) with fancy lights and readouts that regulates the electricity coming out of it and into my computer, like a surge protector on steroids. More importantly, it stores the electricity and can keep my computer running when the power goes out.

I actually got it for the first purpose above (the building I live in is very old, and I was getting power surges even when I was behind a surge protector), but the second came in very handy yesterday. There was a thunderstorm here in Denver, and I found it a bit surreal when all of a sudden I heard the familiar click and the power was out, I was sitting in the pitch dark, but I was still looking at a bright screen on my laptop running Photoshop.

I couldn’t help but grin.  Neither rain nor sleet nor power outtages will keep me from my work. :)